European DesignBuild Knowledge Network


The European DesignBuild Knowledge Network (EDBKN) aims to increase the attractiveness of European Institutes of Higher Education towards third countries, promoting the implementation, distribution, and sustainability of the innovative DesignBuild methodology.

The EDBKN will be a strong association, representing the DesignBuild Initiatives at Institutes of Higher Education and providing a corporate identity towards national and international institutions. The EDBKN will promote the visibility of European DesignBuild Studios and enhance the efficiency and quality of the execution of the projects.

The EDBKN will address stakeholders performing in the fields of research, non-academic and higher education, the building industry, clients, designers and planners, constructors and users.

In order to reach that goal, an interactive DesignBuild web-platform will be developed and launched as the most effective tool of the EDBKN. A pilot building project in Egypt will be developed and monitored on the web-platform. Outcomes and results of the EDBKN will be disseminated on the platform and in printed publications.

EDBKN Flyer 1
EDBKN Flyer 2

The Overall aims of the European DesignBuild Knowledge Network are:

  • to enable young people to tackle trans-European and global challenges
  • to enable young people to take responsibility for developing balanced future living environments
  • to support excellence and innovation in teaching in architecture and related disciplines in Europe and
  • partner-countries
  • to develop sustainable and locally appropriate construction solutions
  • to support local building cultures
  • to promote intercultural competence
  • to exercise social responsibility
  • to strengthen participatory planning
  • to strengthen the bond between research and teaching within Europe and partner-countries
  • to promote (Social) public-private-partnership with European- and partner- organisations